A Brief Story

About Us

Volkobind Engineering Company Ltd was originally formed as a jig & press tool design and manufacturing business in February 1965 in Blackheath, West Midlands. It was relocated to its present site in 1972, and the business was expanded to provide a general engineering service to a range of local companies. 

This still included the design and manufacture of press tools, but with the addition of a selection of machinery, it now meant that the company also offered component manufacturing facilities and general engineering services. 

The business continued to serve its customers throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s until in 1989 the original founder decided that it was time for a change and opted for retirement. It was now that the company came into its present
ownership, the second phase in its history.

The strong points of the business were quickly identified as being a personal, yet
professional service to all its customers, flexibility, and quality of manufactured
products. Together with careful management of these qualities and a steady reinvestment in up to date plant and equipment Volkobind Engineering now offers a comprehensive engineering service to a wider range of industries in an ever more demanding market.

Our Mission

Volkobind Engineering is committed to the manufacture and distribution of
precision engineered components and systems for diverse markets.
We will create and optimise economic value for our customers through the
application of collective knowledge and a continued strategic investment
in our people and capital equipment.

To achieve this we use the latest CNC machinery and methods, allied to
our extensive knowledge in machining soloutions.

Both complex and simple CNC turned and milled components can be
produced in house, giving us complete control of the machining process.

Components are produced from bar, billet, castings and forgings in
materials ranging from mild steels, brass, copper, aluminium alloys,
stainless steels, durahete, hastalloy, inconel and engineering plastics.

Any jigs and fixtures required are produced by us, and along with the
retained capability to manufacture small press tools allows us to provide a
comprehensive service to a wide range of customers while controlling
costs throughout.

Complete assemblies, or sub assemblies are also produced to customers
requirements, combining the manufacture of precision parts with fitting
and testing to completion.

Quality Manufacturing is a System,
Not Just a Slogan.


Volkobind Engineering Co. Ltd is ISO 9001 – 2015 Accredited


Continued Investment in New Plant & Equipment


Many Years of Combined Experience


Customer Service is a Top Priority